• Written by LayzieTheSavage and Jason Nawara

Ice bath escapades with Mike Pyle and Phil Baroni

If it weren't for my disdain of public beaches in Chicago, I would probably join the ranks of 'Polar Bears' that throw themselves into Lake Michigan every year in the freezing dead of winter. I'm familiar with the healing powers of an ice bath, I want to be rejuvenated, but I want to experience it in a controlled environment, with friendly people around me. I realize that last sentence makes it seems like an ice bath is a natural psychedelic for your skin and muscles, and that's one of the many reasons it's placed firmly into the 'must try' category for me.

LayzieTheSavage kneeled next to a bathtub with a camera for eleven minutes as Mike Pyle and Phil Baroni contemplated their genitalia. Your Saturday won't be complete until you watch this.

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