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If you want to know exactly what happened with Palhares at UFC on FOX, this Gracie Breakdown may help

Admit it, when Rousimar Palhares grabbed Alan Belcher's leg at UFC on FOX: Diaz vs. Miller and began to torque it like the meaning of life was hidden inside, you absolutely knew the fight was over. We all did. It was the equivalent of The Joker diving into that huge vat of acid in the first Batman movie and not emerging with any facial disfigurations. During each UFC event, ZUFFA sends out 'Quick Quote' emails to the members of the media with direct statements from the fighters after each bout. This is what Paul Harris had to say regarding his TKO loss to Alan Belcher.

I expect everyone I fight in the UFC to be just as skilled on the ground as me so it was no surprise that he could counter what I did. I was trying my best to utilize my game plan, but he hit me with one shot that dazed me and I was unable to continue the way in which I needed to. I want to thank my fans for supporting me and have them know that I will be back very soon.

Some of you are still wondering exactly what happened to Paul Harris during his unsuccessful FOX debut. Luckily, the overenthusiastic Gracie brothers have a lengthy and detailed breakdown for you this Monday morning.

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