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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart thinks nothing is 'gayer' than MMA

The entire country has formed an opinion on North Carolina’s recent controversial gay marriage ban. It’s unfortunate that even in 2012, none of us can agree that everyone should have equal rights. If you’re one of the people who support the bill, that’s cool, but you should probably also support banning straight divorce, since the same book that suggests one is bad claims that the other is even worse. Also, pre-marital sex should probably be added to that list of things that should be made illegal by the same logic. I’m all for consistency. Supporting one ban but not the others is about as constructive as making paper airplanes out of the pages of the Bible. In fact, John Oliver from the Daily Show thinks MMA is the “gayest” sport he’s ever seen, but it’s legal in most states so in all actuality, so should gay marriage. I agree with at least half of that statement. [Source]


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