• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Ritz Crackerfuls - The Legend of Rick Hunger

If Ritz Crackers teamed up with MGMT on a project, then we could see a true paradigm shift in Western culture. Damn, if only those guys knew how much I drop their name on MiddleEasy, then I could get a free shirt, or a poster -- or anything item of schwag. Of course I'm talking about MGMT, not Ritz. I love Ritz too, but unfortunately Ritz crackers can't sing, yet. Maybe in the future, scientists will develop a way to make tasty crackers also have vocal cords, amazing singing voices and the ability to use instruments. However, as of now, I'm satisfied with Ritz Crackers the way they are.

Ritz Crackers wants to promote their 'Crackerfuls' line of snacks which is essentially two crackers with real cheddar cheese wedged in between. Cheese and crackers is already a highly sought after combination, now Ritz has removed the guess work when it comes to the ratio of cheese to cracker. They've already figured it out, and now they're offering it in a nicely packaged box. Ritz Crackers even made this handy viral video for all of you to get amped about the legend of 'Rick Hunger.'

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