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Matt Horwich has the longest nickname in MMA because he wants to set the bar higher for human beings

Matt Horwich is the world's first 'quantum mechanical warrior'. While the rest of civilization is confined to the physical laws of our universe, Horwich exists purely on a level of string-theory and the multi-verse. In fact, according to Horwich, most things in reality can be attributed to the multi-verse theory, a hypothetical set of a seemingly infinite number of possibilities which comprises of everything that has existed and will exist. Some people would call this the tenth-dimension, a single dimensional level that encompasses all of time, space and potentiality. However, don't let me tell you about the universe. I'm just a guy that has a strong addiction to almonds. Let the only human being in MMA to ever submit Thales Leites, Matt Horwich, enlighten all of you on how beautiful of a universe we truly live in.

In this interview with, Horwich discloses his plan to elevate human consciousness, and it all begins with manifesting the longest nickname in MMA history.

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