• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Kimbo fought last night, and his opponent forgot he was allowed to punch back

Spending your Saturday night in front of a Peking duck is a symbol of prestige and wealth in Chinatown, NY. You don’t even have to eat the duck, it can just sit there at your table, golden brown, with its neck curled up under its stomach while people outside stare through the window at the dead animal on your table. It’s not customary to point and laugh at the people on line waiting to get in, but it’s completely acceptable behavior if you feel the need. In fact, there is no etiquette in Chinatown. Be as drunk, loud, and obnoxious as you want. Whatever you did to afford this meal makes you the king of your domain. Anyone who says otherwise will get dropped faster than Kimbo’s opponent last night. [Source]

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