• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Rory MacDonald's black eye makes him look like he's half-human, half-chupacabra

Who could really believe there's some animal that wanders the fields of Mexico, killing livestock and surgically removing their organs? Come on, folks. According to modern convention, the chupacabra is a alien creature with scaly, green skin that has piercing red eyes and only exists in Mexico because -- well no one really knows why it stays in Mexico. Perhaps the US Border Patrol really has a strong aversion to aliens that are illegal aliens. Over the weekend, Rory MacDonald received a devastating black eye in training, which rendered him into the disfigured mess that he tweeted yesterday. However, the truth will soon surface that MacDonald is science's first human/chupacabra hybrid, and this photo is further evidence supporting my bogus claim. Damn, look at that thing!

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