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Not even TV Guide wants you to believe Gilbert Melendez is fighting Josh Thomson

Today is Mother’s Day. Luckily for me this year, my mom made it guilt-free and convenient to forget sending her flowers by leaving for vacation in the Caribbean two days ago. Flowers in NYC are expensive, so a big “Thanks Mom” goes out to her for saving me a few bucks to use on pizza and Mountain Dew later this week. Even when she’s not here, she’s always looking out for me and that’s why she’s the best.

Seriously though, I love my mom. Happy Mother's Day to her, and all the mothers out there.

I’m also thankful to my mom for paying the cable bill this month so that I could find out that Strikeforce Challengers’ James Terry is replacing Josh Thomson to fight Gilbert Melendez according to TV Guide. There has been a rumor floating around that Josh Thomson sustained a mysterious injury and won’t be fighting Gilbert Melendez at Strikeforce on May 19th. Josh Thomson denies the rumor, Strikeforce denies the rumor, and the totality of the media has no reason to believe that whatever injury was (or wasn’t) sustained will cost Josh Thomson his rubber match with the Strikeforce lightweight champion, but TV Guide obviously knows something the rest of us don’t. Props to AllElbows for the banner photo and MrButtonsWA for the find.

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