• Written by Zeus and Jason Nawara

Top Ten MiddleEasy Hate Comments from our Braulio Estima Video

[Expletive] happens.

When it happens on your carpet, there's nothing you can really do about it aside from plug your nose and use as many toxic solvents as possible to clean it up. When it happens on an MMA site, the best thing you can do is absorb it as a part of your reality and poke fun at yourself.

We don't know what happened at last weekend's World Jiu-Jitsu Expo aside from being the number one most talked about item that emerged from the event. Sure we messed up, and yes we can take the video down. However, as The Underground has taught us over the years, it would be a prime example of a classic [expletive]-tuck. In short, there's a reason why we don't cover jiu-jitsu. We're just going to leave it to the experts at DstryrSG to handle it from now on.

And that's why we're bringing you the following...

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