• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

The smart MMA girl is back, and she even knows who Sakuraba is

Once again, we have a little girl that knows more names of MMA fighters than 77% of the people reading this article. I hired statisticians solely for this article to give us an analytical breakdown of the amount of names when compared to the average MiddleEasy viewer. These same statisticians also evaluated that 100% of that previous statement is bogus and ridiculous. I just created an arbitrary number to make an imaginary 33% of the people reading this article feel better about themselves. See, we boost your self-worth even when you guys rip ours down.

Damn, that was an Oprah moment. Excuse me while I give everyone a free 2012 Ford Focus and a gift basket with like sixteen iPads inside. You can wait until the end of time to receive those prizes, or you can watch this video of MiddleEasy reader @Chute_Boxer's kid (MMA Girly) school the entire world on her MMA knowledge.

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