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Melvin Guillard says he's not dropping down a division because he will be the UFC lightweight champion


Look at that thing. What's that 'L' doing over there? It's isolated, alone in its little alphabetic prison. K and M can't save it now. They used to be friends with L, but now that L is doing solo projects, they've moved their separate ways. L is by itself, much like my belief that Melvin Guillard can really be the UFC lightweight champion. It's not that far fetched of a notion either. Sure Melvin lost his last two fights in the UFC, but prior to Joe Lauzon rocking Melvin and then catching him with a slick rear-naked choke, Melvin was virtually next in line to get a title shot against Frankie Edgar.

In Melvin Guillard's 29-10-2 career, nine of his losses have come through submission. The only thing the dude needs to do is throw a gi on, get a ticket to Singapore, and train with those guys at Evolve MMA for a few months.

Alright, I can see that you're not sold on my opinions regarding Melvin Guillard. Fine, let the Young Assassin tell you himself in this BuddaSport interview.

You know you just have to keep working hard and keep training and keep on getting better. The more time I put in it just puts me closer to my goal and that’s being the champion. I believe I can be champion at 155. There’s no point for me to run to another weight class, I’m gonna be champion at 155.

Melvin Guillard could also be Simon Phoenix if Hollywood decided to remake Demolition Man -- but that's just pointing out the obvious.

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