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The director of The Reem gave us his new Eddie Alvarez documentary, but you only have 24 hours to watch it

Eddie Alvarez's fade is so technologically advanced, even his eyebrows have fades. The power of the fade is so strong with the former Bellator lightweight champion, that even Eddie Alvarez's thoughts have fades. He'll start a strong conversation and just eventually fade to obscure and abstract ideas. That's deep, folks. That's a level of fade in which the world will never see again. Now you know why Eddie Alvarez is special. It's not because of his remarkable fight career or his impressive wins. Not at all. The only thing we care about is Eddie Alvarez's grooming techniques -- and we're all straight at MiddleEasy. Seriously-ish.

Eldar Gross, the director of The Reem, has ventured to a new cinematic project, this time with Eddie Alvarez. Initially, he wanted me to send people to Authentic Sports Management's Facebook page and 'Like' the page which will grant a person access to watch the video. I then told him that a concept like that would never work on MiddleEasy. Our readers are entirely too ravenous to do something like that. Instead, I struck a deal with him to give MiddleEasy exclusive access to 'Eddie Alvarez: Crossroads' for 24 hours, and if you guys like the video, then you will like Authentic Sports Management's Facebook page. I reassured Eldar that even though the MiddleEasy readers absolutely love to prance around the internet and cause havok like Loki in The Avengers, they're an honest bunch and will give necessary props when props are due.

So behold, Eldar Gross' new film 'Eddie Alvarez: Crossroads' only at Don't forget to like Authentic Sports Management's Facebook page if you enjoyed the documentary.

Oh, and there will be a new The Reem episode up by the end of the week. Head blown? I know.


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