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Don't act like you don't want to see this 3-second flying knee KO from Portugal

Remember that one time when we wrote that article about fans running into the cage at an MMA event in Oporto, Portugal and then someone from Oporto, Portugal actually commented on the article? Although it may have seemed like years ago since that article was on MiddleEasy, it was actually published less than thirty minutes ago. Your poor grasp on time is most likely due to an overabundance of riboflavin in your diet. I learned that to be true from an old episode of Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Pete and Pete and it's been a staple of my reality for years now.

We can assure you that this flying knee KO from Cage Fighters 2 in Oporto, Portugal on May 13th 2012 actually happened in three seconds. There's even video footage to prove our completely accurate accusation. Feel free to verify our claims just below these beautiful words. Props to MMA-Portugal for the banner pic.

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