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Dan Quinn has threatened to kill Dana White, but we just think it's the stevia talking

Last week my mom called to inform me that she bought a tray of stevia plants at Wal-Mart because they were on clearance. I told her she could harness the power of Jesus Christ if she mixed stevia with water and smoked marijuana accordingly. After she asked if I was intoxicated, I went on to tell her that if she teamed up with Dana White and placed stevia in the ocean to make 'Pure h20', they could create even more beach front property to sell to the rich. I inserted 'playa' and 'homeboy' at the end of each sentence in an attempt to draw her deeper into the Dan Quinn vortex. It worked. She's hooked on stevia and has seen nearly all of Dan Quinn's YouTube vlogs except this one.

This morning, TMZ released a video of The Saint of Stevia threatening the UFC president, Dana White. In actuality, this is nothing new. Dan Quinn has threatened Oprah, Dana White, Bill Gates and God in the past -- but it's always good to see Quinn make TMZ.

Also, we still plan to release our The Saint of Stevia documentary -- eventually. Check out the TMZ video below.

Here are the audio tapes TMZ acquired of Quinn threatening to put a bullet through Dana White's head. For some reason, I think it's just Dan Quinn being Dan Quinn. The dude doesn't even know how to fire a gun without being 'spun' on stevia.

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