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OOPS! Anderson Silva remembers he still has a mic on after he calls Vitor Belfort a coward

I'm starting to get at least a little bit nervous about this whole three person necrotizing facitiis epidemic going on in the southern United States. It feels like this might be the beginning of an all out zombification flesh eating destruction of the human race. I'm not even sure who can save us if this ends up being true. Maybe we need to call on the one and only Zombie Prophet to save us from our demise. We should trust in his ability to prophetize on the impending zombie invasion, just like we trust in him to deliver the best animated gifs in MMA.

ZP delivered another winner of a clip this morning, with a little behind the TUF Brazil scenes footage of Anderson Silva having a candid conversation during training with Wanderlei about none other than Wand's opponent-Vitor Belfort. In the subtitled clip Anderson calls Vitor a coward and then shortly after has one of those 'OOPS!' realizations that he was on mic during the whole exchange. Enjoy and as always props to for the clip! [Source]

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