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Pistols and Predictions - UFC 146 featuring Forrest Griffin

There's a clip of Forrest Griffin tackling some dude in a high-school football game. After the play is done, he just loses his mind and headbutts his fellow teammates in helmets, without a helmet. Griffin must have been that kid in high school that talked in the back of the classroom and teachers couldn't do a single thing about it. Now Forrest Griffin wants you to know that he is also clairvoyant and will use his newly acquired ability to pick the results of this weekend's UFC 146 card through the use of giant guns.

Our new web-series, 'Pistols and Predictions' is back with the former UFC light heavyweight champion and this time we're tackling the all-heavyweight main card extravaganza. I'm sure you're going to enjoy this one, because Mondays generally suck -- and this is the greatest thing you will see today.

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