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Hey look Duane Ludwig is a grappler in this video!

Duane Ludwig is a grappler! Ok, now that I've got your attention by stating that one of the best strikers in the UFC is actually a grappler, I want to let you all know that I think Ludwig vs Dan Hardy will be won by the man with the best takedown defence. A lot of the fight will take place against the cage and the man who can score takedowns will be the man who has his arm raised at the end of the fight. Time will be my judge. We already know Hardy works on his ground game with Eddie Bravo and the folk over at 10th Planet Jui Jitsu but not much is known about Ludwig's grappling training. Luckily, MMAWeekly have presented us with 'Duane Ludwig's Fight Life', the first episode of which is titled 'I Am a Grappler'. You've probably had a hard morning, so take three minutes out of your day to relax and watch Ludwig and his grappling coach talk about his ground game. Alternatively you could just turn the speakers up and listen to the dubstep soundtrack to this video. Personally I'd have put some Fatboy Slim on instead but I'm also predicting Ludwig vs Hardy will go to a decision so what do I know?

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