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That guillotine which does not kill you, only makes you stronger

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When what Jason Scully depicts in his video technique below happens to you, you're probably going to be overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy.  You might feel some shame and self pity too.  But, that's OK; it just means your parents really f*@ked up in raising you and now you're pretty much useless.  We predict you'll end up working for near-minimum wage at a In-N-Out Burger joint, which will definitely be a mark of overachievement for you.  So, we're proud of you (in advance).

In Jiu Jitsu, you're gonna get swept and you're gonna get sub'd.  That reality is partly what makes it so fun and rewarding (the other part is sweeping and subbing others).  The technique below is a nifty no-go guillotine from what's basically a neutral position Jason creates while in half guard.  This is totally effective-looking, but there are some key movements you need to hit in order to be positioned for the sub (or even for a sweep).

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