• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

NickTheFace really hopes Jon Jones' DUI won't stop his UFC 151 title fight with Dan Henderson from going down

I spent all of yesterday wandering around the streets of NYC looking for a metric tape measurer to replace the one I accidentally left in IKEA on Sunday. I ended up settling for this one because in America, hardware stores just assume everyone has an iPhone app that can convert units of measure. Damn those Swedish furniture gurus and their centimeter-based lifestyles. I’m sure they spend countless hours saying the same thing about imperial units of measurement when they’re not crafting the most affordable and quality conscious build-it-yourself bookcases in the world. In fact, you’re probably sitting on something made from IKEA at this very moment. If you aren’t, go find an IKEA LACK end table to sit on and watch this awesome new UFC 151 promo from NickTheFace.

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