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Randy Couture believes Brock Lesnar should be in the UFC Hall of Fame

Chances are, Randy Couture is probably older than your dad. Randy Couture could also own your dad in a fight. It's nothing to be ashamed about, Randy Couture fights guys over a decade younger than him and defeats them in unanimous decisions. Couture's legendary career is something that we'll be telling our grandkids about when MMA is bigger than sex -- and yes, that day will come. Now it appears that Randy Couture wants Brock Lesnar to be inducted into the same UFC Hall of Fame that he resides in. That's the afterlife of a retired MMA fighter, to aimlessly wander the halls of a place constructed in your honor somewhere in the middle of a desert for eternity. Let's hope the architect that designed those halls made the corridor wide enough for Brock Lesnar to comfortably walk through.

Check out this clip from Fuel TV of Captain America giving a glowing UFC Hall of Fame endorsement to the former UFC heavyweight champion. I'm sure you agree with Randy Couture's opinion since you're, like, in love with him and stuff.

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