• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Relax folks, this Polish MMA fan just discovered why Bob Sapp keeps losing

I lived in Europe for a total of four years and the only lesson I learned was Polish chicks are really hot. I love every single one of them with a passion that can only be expressed by a dude that writes on an MMA site while occasionally spinning nunchucks between the publication of each article. I think a wise man once said 'Fool me once, shame -- fool me -- can't get fooled again.' Whoops, that wasn't a wiseman. It was actually President George W. Bush in a speech for 'Pledge Across America.' My bad for getting your hopes up high in your life-long pursuit of obtaining wisdom. Unfortunately at that point in modern history, none was to be found. However, if you're an MMA fan and have been desperately trying to unlock the key to Bob Sapp's fighting career, look no further than this passionate MMA fan hailing from Poland. The dude is the Confucius of the fight game.

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