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Roy Nelson really is a Shaolin Kung-Fu master, and this video proves it...

If this is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang will be dangerous. Dammit. That's not news. That's just a lyric from Wu-Tang Clan's 'Forever' album. Actually, when we interviewed Dan Hardy back in 2010, he gave us a little in-depth look out what it was like when he traveled to China on a whim to train with Shaolin monks.

That took a lot of emailing and phone calls and stuff to set that up. Basically, I watched a TV show about a place in central China where these two Chinese guys had gone and spent three years there training, and I just thought to myself you know I want to try that. I did loads of research and found out I couldn’t go there unless I was Chinese so I might have to find another place in the north of China and I just went down there for two months. It was basically a castle on the side of a mountain and there was a bunch of people from around the world there: a few Americans and Canadians and a couple Australians and some Norwegians guys. It was quite a little collection. There was probably about 30 of us there and then there was a bunch of Shaolin Monks as well. It was just all day every day training about 12 hours a day.

The truth is, if the entire world incorporated the word 'Shaolin' into their dialect, there would be no more war in Afghanistan. That's just a theory. I also have a theory that if everyone had a box of graham crackers, the war on poverty would end.

Maybe you should just check out this video of Roy Nelson practicing his Shaolin Kung-Fu leading up to UFC 146 and leave me to my own half-assed theory creation.

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