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Everyone relax, just let Rorion Gracie teach you the world's best way to eat an orange

Rorion Gracie created the UFC. Well, it was his idea. Art Davie was the guy that knew all the other guys with the cash. Originally, Rorion wanted the UFC to be a platform to launch Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to a nationwide audience. Art Davie liked what he heard, and on November 12, 1993 the UFC had their inaugural event. From the beginning, Rorion was never a fan of these things called 'rules.' For Rorion, fighter protection was just an annoying aspect that got in the way of pure physical combat. During UFC's beginnings, he was a huge advocate of removing all rules, rounds and officials. It appeared that Rorion was attempting to recreate the same fighting environment that his father thrived in back in Brazil. Rorion believed that when in danger, a fighter's natural bushido spirit would kick in and out of compassion for their opponent, fighters would stop on their own will and proclaim they are the winner. Now imagine if those same rules were active during UFC 146 -- you would probably still be salivating over your DVR.

It seems that Rorion has a lot of wild ideas, including the self-proclaimed 'world's best way to eat an orange.' Although I like to actually eat my orange in its entirety, Rorion has invented a method that may please your dietary needs.

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