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Montel Williams has a son and he made his MMA debut last weekend in Las Vegas

If any of you international people never heard of the TV personality Montel Williams, then there's a good chance that you've never heard of the psychic 'Sylvia Browne' before. She's a medium that was frequently featured as a guest on The Montel Williams Show. Unfortunately for her career, she's been proven wrong on a number of occasions. Fortunately for her career, her target audience doesn't care if people consider her a fraud. When I was a kid, my mother dragged me to one of her seminars with ticket prices hovering at about $450. The convention center was filled with soccer moms, hoping that Sylvia would give them closure on a past relationship or even a deceased loved one. The entire ordeal was a horrific display of manufactured emotions and faux answers, something that made me into the socially-deprived person I am today. Thanks Sylvia. Without your influence in my childhood, I could never sit inside my apartment on a Summer day in Hollywood, California and write this story about Montel Williams' son making his MMA debut.

Montel Williams Jr. took on Charles Weast at Tuff-N-Uff in Las Vegas, Nevada this past Friday. We're writing this story solely because his father is awesome, and he's a huge advocate on what he truly believes in. Props to him. [Source]

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