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Rich Franklin makes like a good substitute and steps in for Vitor Belfort

Well hey, look at it from Rich Franklin's side: he doesn't have to drop that last five pounds since the fight is at a 190 pound catchweight (these two refuse to fight each other in a clear weight division) and he doesn't have to deal with any spinning s*** from Cung Le at UFC 148. Granted he will probably receive death threats from the beautiful Brazilian fans of Wanderlei Silva, but it seems like a fair trade off.

So now we have five potential rounds of Wand Vs. Rich II headlining the Brazilian TUF finals and leaving us all kinds of lukewarm. There hasn't been this much apathy out of an entertainment product taking place in Brazil since Max Payne 3 was released. Oh well, like many cards that we usually don't find all that appealing at first, more than likely this will be a fantastic night of fights due to the Brazilian crowd alone.

Here is Wand referring to himself in the third person on Twitter about the new matchup.


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