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Whoa! Conor McGregor and Dave Hill almost came to blows at the Cage Warriors 47 weigh-ins

I have to be honest, I’ve never really been entertained by the whole weight in face-off aggression. Sure, if you’re in that situation then it’s a tense one but you know the other guy won’t hit you and that’s mostly what the audience want to see, that’s the reason the weigh-ins are broadcast by so many promotions now. Always anti-climactic and pretty dull. The biggest weigh in show I’ve seen live was UFC 138 and the highlights of that were firstly seeing Mike Brown trying to go into the ladies bathroom and secondly Papy Abedi weighing in like a pimp, with a cigar in his mouth. I don’t get the hype or attention surrounding weigh-ins. Despite being an unabashed cynic, I still got pretty pumped for Cage Warriors 47 in Dublin, Ireland tomorrow watching the weigh-in between Conor McGregor and Dave Hill. The event might be headlines by a bout between DJ Linderman and the champion Mike Hayes but McGregor/Hill will probably be fight of the night. Below, you can check out possibly one of the most intense stare-downs I’ve ever seen, mainly due to the very real threat of violence. In before the comments: yes I’ve noticed that McGregor is “very excited” to be there.

Thanks to Dolly Clew for the banner photo.

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