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King Mo knows he can beat Jon Jones and his knee is healing well, thanks for asking

When I create characters in EA MMA I always make them white dudes with King Mo swagger. It’s the most ridiculous thing you’ll ever see, if you live a sheltered live and never go on YouTube. The King Mo swagger can’t be contained in a video game however; it can be used in a multitude of different situations. At your wedding, in the grocery store or even writing news articles. That’s right, I’m wearing a crown and doing the King Mo swagger as I type this. It’s pretty difficult to do but the important thing is that I look damn cool.

King Mo hasn’t been able to swagger for a while due to a very nasty staph infection in his knee and for that I send my sympathies and best wishes to Mo. You’ll never see a bad person wearing the big red Middle Easy monster, Zeus personally vets them all. Talking of King Mo’s knee, he shows the guys over at how his knee is healing up in this video below. Oh yeah, he also says he’s the man to beat not only Jon Jones but anyone in MMA. Mad props to for dropping this in our inbox.


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