• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Frank Mir does not care one bit what you think about him using TRT

When you’re name is Junior Dos Santos, the men looking across the cage from you generally want as much testosterone flowing through their bodies as scientifically possible.  First, Alistair Overeem got busted for having a 14:1 testosterone to epitestosterone ratio.  That wasn’t even while he was training, but after a press conference where he had to discuss the possibility of fighting Junior Dos Santos.  By contrast, the other fighters at that press conference satisfied the NSAC’s ravenous thirst for drug-free, testosterone-neutral urine, but then again, they weren’t slated to fight the champion.  Once Ubereem withdrew from his title shot, Frank Mir was selected for his experience, his reliability, and a slew of reasons that only Joe Silva can explain.  Unfortunately for the former two -time champion, he too is undergoing a firestorm of criticism for using TRT leading up to his fight at UFC 146, and here is his official response to all of you.

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