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Ian McCall says that MMA is what keeps him out of jail and rehab

Whatever adverse situation you have faced and come out of in your life is probably nowhere near as extreme as what Ian McCall has gone through. Ian McCall has died and then come back to life a few days later in the hospital. That's pretty badass. Let's just hope this doesn't mean Ian McCall should be put on some CDC created list of humans potentially exposed to the zombie virus. If there was a championship belt given out for beating the hell out death then Ian McCall is the current 125 lb title holder. I'd be willing to bet Ian would rather hold the UFC flyweight championship title. If he is able to beat Demetrious Johnson tonight at UFC on FX 3 he will get his chance to fight Joseph Benavidez for a spot in history as the first ever UFC flyweight champion. Check out this FuelTV clip of Ian talking about how MMA and his new family keeps him from ending up in jail, rehab or horsing around with a drug induced brush with death.

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