• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Access All Areas is back with a look behind the scenes at Ultimate Warrior Challenge 19

What would we do without the globe trotting Michael Morgan and his camera that delivers us whoa-inspiring looks at the UK MMA world? I don't know. I'm honestly asking you guys: what would we do? I know it would leave a whoa-sized crater in the MMA landscape and I would spend a lot of my time being sad and wondering what's going on across the pond, but who wants to type in hypothetical sentences when we have a brand new video to show you?

Whoa TV in conjunction with MiddleEasy took a trip to Ultimate Warrior Challenge last week on June 2nd (or as Whoa TV would put it: 2 June), nabbed a ton of great footage of men fighting and put it to some superlative hip hop...As always.

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