• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Mike Pyle just took his fist and knocked out Josh Neer in the first round

Well, now we know if you do an interview with MiddleEasy in an ice bath there's (at least) a 50% chance of you winning your next fight. This has been officially proven by Layziethesavage, Phil Baroni and Mike Pyle as you can see in this intimate bath setting video somewhere in Las Vegas. If we were smart, we would set up some sort of late night marketing campaign with Layzie and an ice bath in an effort to repeat Miss Cleo's success from the 90's. But we already know Layzie could never pull off the Jamaican accent...And that's a whole other article all together.

After a stand n wang type of first round, Mike Pyle dropped Josh Neer like a boss. UFC on FX 3 is out of control rawesome.

Here's the .gif


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