• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Alexander Shlemenko has recovered from his injuries and he's ready to throw some spinning s***

One day the world will no longer depend on fossil fuels and electricity. Those archaic power sources will be replaced with Alexander Shlemenko's spinning backfists. If technology advances fast enough and we perfect cloning while the Russian middleweight is in his prime, we can have fields upon fields of spinning Alexander Shlemenko's powering our world. And you know what? Maybe the next president of the United States will be using that Shlemenko powered light source to read for the first time. Amazing. We love you Alexander.

Last April, Mr. Shlemenko ('Call me Storm') was in a car accident, suffering a broken collarbone and a dislocated thumb. Thankfully, the two time Bellator middleweight tournament winner has recovered in full and he proves it to us in this video straight from his gym.


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