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MMA may be banned in Thailand, but DARE still plans to hold an event somewhere in the country

If you've never been to Bangkok, Thailand -- there's a lot of stuff that you can't unsee from that place. It's a country filled with boundary disillusions, it exists solely to make us believe the rest of the planet is real. Sure they banned MMA in Thailand earlier this year, but judging by the stuff that I've personally witnessed in Bangkok, stuff that should be banned from humanity, MMA making a sudden underground resurgence would not be that far fetched.

According to a recent statement from the Thailand-based DARE championship, the organization still plans to hold a live MMA event in Thailand at some undisclosed location this Fall. We're expecting a date to be released by the end of the month along with a method on how to view the underground MMA event. Illegal MMA is the new sanctioned MMA, get used to it. Now check out the poster of their upcoming secret event below and check out their site for more info on the relatively new promotion.


-1 # Cale 2013-08-17 07:46
Why is DARE, trying to push things to a country thats not theirs to begin with ? I watch MMA myself and boxing and the Thai muay thai fights, and i respect them seperately but damn, If thailand government doesn't want MMA in thailand they have a right to keep it banned, it would take away their thai fighters as they expect, damn white people always trying to push and destroy other cultures, Thailand is the only place to find and watch TRUE muay thai and if this happens, fuck all originalities of Muay thai will be gone slowly piece by piece thanks to a bunch of white people. They've been doing this for years wrecking other cultures and stuff with their bullshit.

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