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It's official, another opponent pulls out from fighting Daniel Ghita

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Daniel Ghita has a tough time of late when it comes to finding an opponent and having that opponent not pull out. At K-1 Rising 2012 in Madrid he ran through a gambit of something like five potential opponents before Wendell Roche stepped in on very late notice and took his beating like a man. Daniel Ghita has a fight coming up on June 30th for It's Showtime, and his original opponent of Frederic Sinistra... has pulled out of the fight.

Yet another unfortunate turn of events for Daniel Ghita. We've been hearing this for a while now, and that Dzevad Poturak would most likely be stepping in, and now on Daniel Ghita's Facebook he has confirmed the change of events. We give props to Dzevad Poturak for not being scared and looking to fight like a man.


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