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Mind Map: Meet Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu: Meet Mind Map

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It's pretty cool, grapplers. We've been around for 3 years officially now, and we are pretty much dominating the BJJ humor-based blogoshpere, particularly in Eastern Europe.  I guess what I'm saying is - it's good to be King.

But, really.  We've been fortunate and are stoked to continue growing.  It even affords us the opportunity to feature the work of others in the BJJ Internet world.  And, God (if he truly exists and also is a fan of grappling) knows we can always use more great content.

Not too long ago, Matt Corley, the man behind a blog entitled Matt's Daily Journal, inquired with me about featuring some of the content from his site on DSTRYR/SG.  Matt focuses on BJJ and submission grappling flowcharts and mind mapping.  It's way nerdy I know, but we could use a little intellectualism around here to balance our usual Neanderthal writing styling.  I honestly haven't approached my BJJ experience in this kind of organized fashion.  I've always been more about feel and repetition and a lot (really a lot) of free training /mat time.  BUT, Matt's on to something and it's definitely a very smart way to look at the complexities of the arte suave.


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