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Who needs TRT when you can watch the ultimate Russian MMA highlight?

If it weren't for the educational magic of videogames, I would've had zero clue what the Cyrillic text describing what this ten minutes of rawesome Russian MMA highlights meant. Lucky for me I've been surviving zombies and bandits in Chernarus; a fictional recreation of the Czech Republic in Dayz, a friggin' unbelievable apocalypse sim. Spending my time there has forced me to learn some of the Cyrillic alphabet so I'm feeling pretty cultured, and now I know very little of what the Cyrillic means, rather than absolutely nothing.

Not that you asked, but right now I'm about two clicks west of Zelenogorsk, I plan on meeting with some friendly survivors there to raid a supermarket for supplies so we can make our way north. The only problem is that it's cold and rainy, and I don't want to get sick and have the zeds hear me cough or sneeze.

I think I'm going to build a fire to warm up and watch this incredible video again in the meantime. In ten minutes the rain will probably be finished and then I can continue my journey east. Hopefully without crossing paths with any bandits.

Click 'Read More' to watch what is possibly the most epic Russian MMA highlight video ever, it will put some hair on that chest of yours. Even if you're a woman. Thanks to KnockOut Footage for the find.


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