• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Note to all fighters: Whatever you do, please don't get knocked out like this

Fighters, we love you. That's the reason why we salivate just before every combat sports event, giving evidence that Ivan Pavlov actually knew what he was talking about. There's just something about you sticking your fists into another human's head that appeals to us. Perhaps it's the fact that we're entirely too pansy to do it ourselves and we live vicariously through your violent behavior. On behalf of all fight fans out there (even those idiot trolls that are crying out for your attention), thank you for having a rough childhood and finding a profession in which you can prove yourself. If it weren't for MMA, there's no telling what you fighters would be doing -- but it's safe say that customer service wouldn't be your forte.

However, whatever future bout your life has planned for you, please don't get knocked out like this. I mean, if you do then you will undoubtedly be forever cemented in MiddleEasy article history, like this guy in a recent kickboxing match from Brazil. [Source]

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