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This guy from the UK has the most diverse arsenal of kicks we've ever seen in MMA

We used 'Arsenal' and 'UK' in the title of the article in order to steal traffic for Premier League football geeks. Take that Google web bots. Today, the humans have won. Skynet will not launch a full-blown assault on humanity, at least for now. Feel free to call me the leader of the human resistance. John Connor has nothing on me.

In London at UCMMA 28 a couple weeks ago, Galore Bosando gave the MMA world a friendly reminder that it is possible to throw kicks like jabs and one can look like an absolute genius doing so. This upcoming welterweight has a record of 3-1 with his only loss coming by way of an illegal knee disqualification. MMA organizations across the world, consider this a complimentary prospect alert on behalf of MiddleEasy. Now check out the video of his fight against Wendle Lewis below. Props to Ben Cartlidge for the find.

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