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Anderson Silva knows how to revive the Batman franchise, and maybe he's on to something...

It's silly to even entertain the notion that Batman has the potential to put up a competitive fight against Superman. Sure we've seen the hypothetical battle portrayed an endless amount of times in comic book lore, but I can't imagine a single scenario in which Batman would prevail. It's just an impossibility. Even if Batman possessed Green Lantern's power ring, he would still fall short in causing any damage to the Man of Steel. There's a reason why Batman's villains are almost always deranged criminals with horrible fashion sense -- because that's literally all he can handle. Massive LOL to anyone that truly believes Batman can stop an alien dictator from the planet Apokolips. You're all living under a grand delusion, and Anderson Silva recognizes this.

That's why in his new video blog, The Spider breaks down exactly what's wrong with the Batman franchise and exactly how he can fix it from total and irrevocable destruction.

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