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Take a magical trip to Singapore in Evolve MMA’s new fight vlog

The first time I took to the voyage to Singapore to train at Evolve MMA, a group of Thai dudes made fun of my kneeing technique and then systematically told me how out of shape I was. That afternoon I was spiraling into a void of depression until I ate Brazilian BBQ with Shinya Aoki and his mom later that night. It was the confidence booster I needed to continue on with my life and not go down the path of a young Anakin Skywalker.

If Singapore is my second home, then I really need to discover the science of teleportation because sitting next to greasy dudes with a compulsiveness to clear their throat for the entire duration of an eighteen-hour flight is sort of my thing now. It's a part of my reality -- so I guess I can abandon the notion that one day I'll sit next to Fiona Apple and she will want to hear everything I have to say about how the ending of The Matrix could have been better.

This weekend's ONE FC: Destiny of Warriors features four Evolve MMA fighters all competing for the chance to make your eyes explode from sheer amazement. They've created a new vlog leading up to Saturday's event that you should probably take a look at if you love MMA and all things Asian. It's also a good vlog to look at if you don't love all things Asian.

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