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Check out the training facility in Big Bear that Tito Ortiz bought from Oscar de la Hoya

Lots of fighters leave the comfort of their homes in order to fully immerse themselves in training for a big fight.  You’ll often see the folks up in Montreal at Tristar gym, bundled 4-6 per room, sleeping in bunk beds, sharing bathrooms, etc. Most will agree that it’s important to eliminate distractions and focus on their training.  Tito Ortiz is no different, the dude needs to get away from his crazy role as “the Huntington Beach Bad Boy” or “The People’s Champ” or whatever self-appointed nickname he’s issuing himself for his retirement fight against Forrest Griffin.  Tito escapes to nearby “Big Bear Mountain” to train at high altitude and we’ve found a video depicting his humble accommodations.  We hope the fight goes well so he can return to a mosquito-free life back along the water in LA.  Being away from all of life’s luxuries must be rough.

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