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Is it just us or does Alistair Overeem look thinner in this photo?

This is what we do in our spare time at MiddleEasy, look at topless guys in group photos and determine if any of them have lost weight. We just can't get enough of sweaty men in matching Jaco shorts. Don't worry, we like unnecessary explosions, over-sized sirloin steaks, monster truck rallies and other activities one would normally associate with heterosexuality -- but my god do we love topless men. Of course, 'we' meaning everyone except me. I'm so straight that I turn my back at weigh-ins. I don't even eat bananas whole.

Check out this recent picture of Alistair Overeem training with Rashad Evans and the Blackzilians in Florida and tell us if we're crazy to believe that The Reem looks a little thinner in this photo. It could just be us and our wild delusions for topless men. Props to @MattK187 for the find.


Update: It appears that the above picture is a hoax and below is the real picture of Ubereem. Damn these friggin' people.

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