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This unreleased footage of Wanderlei Silva at UFC 139 is spectacular

If some publisher was inebriated enough to let me create 'MiddleEasy's Greatest Hits', the first sentence would read: 'Wanderlei Silva looks like Bram Stoker had a baby with Mary Shelly and then threw the infant in a minefield to be raised by explosions.' Maybe not so much after his plastic surgery, but it's still a novel concept. Back in Pride, Wanderlei Silva was promoted as being a 'devil.' Granted, these are the same guys that promoted Rampage Jackson as an illiterate person who ate out of trashcans. Wandy embodied every bloodthirsty cliche you could possibly conceive, and condensed it down to the frame of a middleweight fighter that had no regard for human life. When the The Rolling Stones wrote 'Time is on my side,' it was because it was tired of riding shotgun with Wanderlei Silva.

I could spend the rest of June expressive my admiration for Wanderlei Silva through the use of mildly funny sentences, but instead I'll just show you this previously unreleased footage of Wanderlei Silva at UFC 139, or better known as the greatest MMA event of 2011.

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