• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

The Brazilian crowd at UFC 147 had some sick photoshop skills

If you asked me to be 100% honest, I would say the extent of my Photoshop skills begin and end with the banner template Zeus electronic mailed me years ago. Slowly but surely though, I have taught myself the ways of Mr. Adobe (abobe is actually a natural building material, to my knowledge there is no "Mr. Adobe", who founded the Adobe suite. Furthermore; imagine a man named Mr. Adobe who was able to afford the nicest room in the hotel...Seriously. How much longer can I last in parenthesis?) Not much longer, but I can tell you this, though - the Brazilian fans are pretty damn good at Photoshop and they are willing to make the trek to the only Kinkos in the favela to bring this dirty poster to life. Click 'Read more' to look at it.

Filth. I hope you're ashamed of yourself.

Thanks to Elias Garcia for Tweeting this at our face.


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