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Meet Del Greer, she retired from MMA to donate a kidney to her brother

We often toss the word ‘SuperHero’ around, but unless they have a cool outfit and an arch-enemy, they aren’t real superheros.  The only exceptions by MiddleEasy standards are Joe Lozito and Del Greer.  As far as we’re concerned, neither of them have dress in spandex or have comic books written about them. Both of them are amazing just because they share the Earth with us.  By now, most of you have read about Joe Lozito, but you’ve probably never heard of Del Greer.  Up until 2:00am last night, I didn’t either.  She’s an MMA fighter from Hartford, CT who had one pro fight before retiring from MMA to donate a kidney to her brother.  The fight might be from 2004, but up until 3 days ago, the video never made it’s way onto the Internet.  In fact, nobody ever wrote a story about her and nobody ever interviewed her about her gesture of kindness except for the ring announcer after she won the fight.  While this might not be breaking news, it’s an act of kindness that can’t be overlooked.  Watch this video, then immediately run outside and hug the first person you see. They deserve a hug, and so do you.


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