• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Kenny Florian teaches a professional Halo player how to protect himself from Brittney Palmer

Teddy Pendergrass made a song called 'Love TKO'. I never knew of a fighter who scored a TKO out of love. Usually TKOs result in the other guy getting the time and space beat out of his/her face. A Love TKO, I don't think so Teddy. If there was a Love TKO, it would be an accident. Maybe like when you get a birthday gift and in a moment of exhilaration you back-slap your mother. That would be a Love TKO. Unless you meant to slap your mother, then that would be a 'I beat family members up TKO.'

I've never been TKOd over my gaming habits, but I've had noise complaints filed to my landlord for late-night gaming sessions. In fact, I should get a Turtle Beach Headset tattoo on my forearm to show the world my appreciation of smack-talking. Unfortunately for this guy in the video, he's a pansy. We're talking about the definition of a pansy. That's probably why Kenny Florian has come to rescue this guy's manhood and help him defend against Brittney Palmer. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but you should really check it out.

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