• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Adam Carolla holding focus mitts for Urijah Faber is a little unexpected

Internet radio host, Adam Carolla, claims that he has the most listened to podcast in the entire world. Apparently there's even a Guinness Book of World Records entry that verifies his claims. There's also a large probability that you don't care about any of this. That's cool, I just wanted to give all the international readers a primer as to who this Adam Carolla guy is. Over a decade ago, he was also on 'The Man Show' on Comedy Central with Jimmy Kimmel in which they openly consumed beer and watched chicks jump on trampolines.

There, now you hold all the information you need regarding Adam Carolla. He also sounds like what you would imagine a microwave evolving a larynx sounds like. Now check out this unexpected video of Adam Carolla holding the focus mitts for Urijah Faber.

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