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Alistair Overeem is a clean fighter and he wants to tell you all about exactly how clean he is

Alistair Overeem is a clean fighter, and I am a moped enthusiast.  Both of those are factual statements separated by a comma.  I could have used a semicolon, but I didn’t want Ted Malakhov to remind me how much more he thinks he knows about grammar than I do.  Ted, I’m sure your grammar is flawless.  If there were a national grammar bee for people in your age group, I’d wear a ‘Ted Malakhov for President’ t-shirt to show my support for your success in that competition.  In any case, neither Alistair Overeem being a clean fighter, nor my being a moped enthusiast is debatable until the Reem tests positive for any illegal substance, or this video gets pulled off the internet. Additionally, Alistair Overeem wants to reassure everyone how clean he is by taking more recreational drug tests and sharing the results with us on FuelTV.  Here’s a clip of his first time addressing the public about his NSAC troubles.

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