• Written by Zeus and LayzieTheSavage

Gilbert Melendez calls me out, then talks about his own Lesson in Street MMA

Alright Gilbert, I would totally carry your El Nino sweaters if I knew that option was even on the table. LayzieTheSavage mentioned it a few months ago, but then he started talking about -- alright, this is just me inventing excuses to make me not look like the schmuck that I already am. I owe you a shirt. I owe you every shirt in our inventory for the support you've shown MiddleEasy over the years. Let's face it, you're the first person we've ever interviewed in 3D. Looking back, I can't believe Layzie convinced me to break the MiddleEasy bank account on a camera that requires glasses to view properly. That's what happens when you go on long road trips with anyone from the 209 and have poor ventilation inside the car. It was like an industrial fog machine was built directly in the backseat.

It's tough being named after a quasiperiodic climate pattern that occurs over the Pacific Ocean. It's even tougher when Chris Farley impersonated your moniker on The Weather Channel. Most of the MMA world sincerely believes Gilbert Melendez is the greatest lightweight on the planet -- yet it's impossible to verify those claims when that person has essentially cleared out the entire division in his respective organization. We'll never know how Gilbert will do against the top three in the UFC because there's some weird Showtime/ZUFFA power struggle going on that no one can fully understand.

Layzie caught up with Gilbert Melendez at the El Nino Training Center in San Francisco, California to catch up with all things MMA -- and to throw me under the bus. Gilbert, follow @MiddleEasy on Twitter. Don't be scared, homie.

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