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Watch Joe Rogan cry as he receives his black belt from Eddie Bravo

Back in college, I survived on a steady diet of Pillsbury Toaster Strudels , and cheeseburger flavored Hot Pockets.  It seemed like the right thing to do after quitting the wrestling team because Matt Hamill was way too rough on everyone in the RIT sports complex.  Just kidding, he’s a nice guy, but also freakishly strong and oddly remorseless when it comes to throwing you around a gymnasium.  After my freshman year, I discovered JiuJitsu, but I quit that too because it’s the only sport I can think of that’s even smellier than college wrestling.  Most people who’ve never experienced either sport don’t have an idea of what grapplers have to endure to earn their black belts.  I’m not talking about the hard work and dedication to the grappling, but the sheer amount of laundry and anti-bacterial soap.  For enduring as long as he has, today, the MiddleEasy family congratulates Joe Rogan on earning his long-awaited black belt from Eddie Bravo, and since we’re such big fans, we’re going to share this video of him crying upon receiving it.

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